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Corn & Drinks


Riggs Beer Company will provide beer and wine for both days of the festival!

Beer Selection

American Lager – Rigg’s take on America’s most popular beer style. They use a large dose of non-GMO corn from their own family farm. It’s fermented, conditioned, and lagered for six weeks for incredible smoothness.

Hefeweizen – The most popular style of the southern German state of Bavaria, and for good reason. It has a rich banana aroma, finishes clean, slightly tart and refreshing.

Weizenbock –  Known as another traditional German beer style brewed locally and without compromise by Riggs, Weizenbock has a higher ABV and is slightly darker than it’s little bro Hefeweizen. Weizenbock’s banana aroma will remind you of Hefeweizen, but due to its higher alcohol content, Weizenbock also has notes of vanilla and rum. Our wheat beer yeast’s spicy character helps to cut through a mild sweetness to deliver the balanced finish that you’ve come to expect.

IPL – AKA: Indian Pale Lager. According to Riggs, the purpose of an American IPA is to showcase its hops. As big fans of lager fermentations, Riggs was curious to see what would happen if they used German Lager yeast in an American IPA to create a truly blank canvas for the finest aroma hop varieties to shine through. Their IPL allows you to experience hops in a way that IPAs never quite could.

Schwarzbier – German for “Black Beer”, Schwarzbier is an extremely dark, well hopped, medium-strength lager. Its complexity is derived from its heavy use of dark, roasted, and smoked barley malt. It’s a roasty beer, with a hint of smoky sweetness that’s balanced with robust hop bitterness. Staying true to its German Lager heritage, it has an incredibly clean and crisp finish.

Wine Selection

Montelle Himmelswein (Sweet White) – Crisp and racy with aromas and tastes of green apple, lemonade, and hints of apricots and peached in the background.

Stonewood Chardonnay (Dry White) – An unoaked Chardonnay with crisp citrus flavors and aromas.

JK Pinot Noir (Red) – Subtle raspberry and black cherry flavors, soft tannins and a very smooth finish.

CASH AND CREDIT/DEBIT will be accepted at both beer tents.

Important: You will need to show ID and receive a wristband to buy/carry beer inside the festival grounds and participating bars.



Maddox’s Sweet Corn Farm has been the Sweetcorn Festival’s corn provider for 7 years!



Through small steps, hard work, and a large learning curve, the Maddox Sweet Corn Farm has evolved into a family-owned and operated business that supplies two major grocery chains throughout the state and a lot of happy customers in the area.

CASH ONLY will be accepted at the festival’s corn tent where you can get Maddox’s hot, buttery, SWEETcorn and fixin’s!


Also visit our entertainment page to see what entertainment will be happening at our downtown venues!


American Legion 

$1.75 Domestic Beer – Friday

$3.50 Pineapple Upside Down Shots – Saturday


Rose Bowl Tavern

$5 Margaritas

$1.00 Hamms


Crane Alley

Bar Open & Drink Specials Available: 11 AM – 2 AM

Kitchen Open: 11 AM – 1:30 AM


Bunny’s Tavern

Riggs Beer + Full Bar



Plain and simple, NO TICKETS! NO TICKET LINES!

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111 W. Main Street, Urbana IL 61801
(217) 344-3872