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2017 Sweetcorn Festival Drink Cup

Drinking at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival has never been more versatile and simple! In order to drink a refreshing adult beverage, you will purchase a Souvenir Sweetcorn Festival Cup for only $6 at any Festival Ticket Stand or Downtown Urbana Bar.  Then all weekend long, this will allow you to purchase any adult beverage of your choice at any festival beer stand (Budweiser, Bud Light, Goose Island IPA, Riggs Hefeweizen, Riggs IPL, Splash Pineapple) and any participating downtown bar/restaurant.  So, go ahead, visit the bars listed below for amazing craft beers and mixed drinks while you wander around and participate in all of the amazing activities you’ll find at this year’s festival!  Roaming with a drink in your hand at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival never tasted so good. **



The Urbana Sweetcorn Festival has gone virtually ticket-less! This year, tickets will only be accepted at Sweetcorn Festival Beer Stands, Corn-Hole stations, and the Corn Tent.  All other food and drink purchases made at the downtown bars/restaurants and any food festival vendor will be paid for with cash or credit card. Less Tickets = Less Wait!




** Fine Print:


  • Must be 21+ and have a wristband to drink.
  • No one is permitted to purchase a cup or be served a drink unless they are wearing a wristband.
  • Wristbands can be found at the Entry of each participating bar/restaurant or Festival Ticket Station.
  • You may purchase Souvenir Sweetcorn Festival Cups at the Festival Ticket Stations and any participating bar/restaurant.
  • A festival map will be available and will list all participating locations and Festival Ticket Stations.
  • Please refer to map for each venue’s age restrictions.
  • Festival Beer Stations will only sell and pour beer into a Souvenir Sweetcorn Festival Cup.
  • Participating Bars/Restaurants: The only drinks that are permitted to enter and leave each participating bar/restaurant will be drinks contained within a Souvenir Sweetcorn Festival Cup and bottled water. If a drink is not contained in a Souvenir Sweetcorn Festival Cup, then you will not be permitted to leave the venue with that drink and will be required to consume or leave that drink before exiting the premises.

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